High Production Mixing / Injection Plant / Cement Mixing

This state of the art mixing trailer available for short and long term rental periods, can mix and inject up to 10,000 lbs or 400 gals of grout / slurry with accuracy to the nearest pound. The fully automated plant consists of a batch hopper, material screw feed, colloidal mixer, and high flow/pressure injection pump. Two high-speed mixing mills continually mix and re-circulates the slurry for the injection. The high capacity Moyno progressive cavity pump is capable of pumping up to 60 gpm and rated up to 500 psi.


Rental rates include a trained operator to oversee all functions from the integrated control panel. Digital load centers continually monitor the mass through-put of the system and record it to a data logger to ensure that good data quality control is maintained. In addition, the "super sack" loading system eliminates the need for manual handling of the injection materials.


The "Big Blue" easily mixes and pumps slurries of cement, fly ash, bentonite, microfine cements and lime flour and polymeric grouts.

Big Blue Mixing Plant is capable of a variety of projects from high-production insitu injection to large-scale grouting work including tunnels, mining, dam foundations, soil compaction, soil & rock grouting, geothermal grouts, micofine cements, waterproofing, penetration grouting, soil anchors, rock bolts, encasements, and post tensioning.

General Specifications:

  • Max. Mixing Capacity: 5000 lbs solids/hr
  • Max. Solids/Water ratios: 15 lbs solids / gal
  • Screw Feed Capacity: 300 ft3 solids/hr
  • Max. Pump Flow: 50 gpm
  • Max. Pump Pressure: 500 psi
  • Power Requirements: 70KW (480v/3ph)
  • Mixing / Batch Tank Capacity: 1,892 litre (500 gal)